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Thrive in Hyper-Change


About 5Echo

5Echo is a trusted advisory of experienced growth strategists and hyperdrive coaches who support people development in achieving business outcomes in an accelerating world.

We help decision makers identify and develop the talent required to drive their business through linking engagement to key business metrics.

Our qualities include being agile and calm in complexity. We deliver through a global network of subject matter experts, facilitators, executive coaches, mediators and world-class third party organisations.

Our consultants have experience in a wide variety of industries in the government and high growth private sectors. Importantly, they have also periodically grounded themselves with long-term tenures in leading corporations to ensure that their experience remains current and relevant in our accelerating world.

We co-create bespoke solutions that are measurable and leave clients with sustainable outcomes that are not dependent on continued 5Echo involvement. 5Echo leverages a democratised strategic framework, agile leadership skills under accelerated change, and bite-sized learning tools for measurable engagement and behaviour change.

Our offices are in Singapore, Sydney, Philadelphia, Doha and Kuala Lumpur.

Excellent tools..... which will be very effective in impacting work performance given time to process, apply and practice - lots of it! I look forward to developing and presenting more impactful programs and presentations with what I have learnt! The engagement between facilitator and students; and the feedback from facilitators on role plays very useful.
— Debbie Loo, Kian Academy Dean, Kian Group

....Yvonne’s gift is helping others succeed. The ability to transform yourself and your business is a necessary survival skill in this fast-changing world. Yvonne is right up there as one of the best and brightest facilitators in how to transform your life and business and achieve the outcomes you desire. Her own CV is inspirational proof!
— Antony Hing, CEO & CoFounder New Zealand

‘Hyper-drive change Through Constructive Communications’ provides a structured approach on managing challenges that leaders can apply in charting out strategies to outthink their competitors. The program is a balance of theories and workshop application and relevant in today’s leadership challenge. The content is enlightening and it is well presented.
— Siti Mariam Mohd Desa, Head of Marketing, Setia Haruman Cyberjaya Master Developers, Malaysia

..This course has greatly improved my understanding of personalities around me. It will definitely help me cope better with uncertainties and how to manage them better.
— Irene Lim, Senior Marketing Director, Kian Furniture, Malaysia

…I was very impressed with the energy, depth of knowledge and ability to break down often complex theories and make them real and relevant to leadership development. I look forward to continuing the journey and working to further develop my skills as a leader.
— Kamila Hutchinson, General Manager,  Technology Fleet Services, Australia

I can apply ‘Coaching Conversations’ immediately not only with my staff or peer, it also applicable for my personal development “self-coaching”. I believe it helps me to be more effective in leading and working as a team, together we will achieve exceptional performance. Very practical and powerful tools.
— Rejas Md Jais, Human Capital Development Centre Manager, Bank Negara Malaysia

...The 3-hour workshop for the regional heads has made me realise this mindset shift is the beginning of how we can execute in our organisation to remain competitive through agility. We all need an injection of your enthusiasm.
— Jody Dharmawan, Founder and Director of PT Lee Cooper, Indonesia

The program ties perfectly with the organization direction towards innovation and the challenge imposed by the changing industry landscape. The course provided critical process for initiation of ideas. This helps me to put ideas in structured manner and address the common barriers that made crazy ideas dies off.
— Muzafar Mazlan, AIG Head of Strategic Planning & Marketing, Malaysia