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Dr Yvonne Sum CSP, ACMC, NLPTT, BDS (Hons) transforms leaders on-the-go. Her gift is to develop executives on mission critical objectives in hyper-changing environments. Dr Sum is a published international *author on leadership across home and work tribes.

Yvonne is an Australian certified growth strategist who has worked for 20 years globally with Directors, CEO’s and Senior Management facilitating a range of leadership programmes, as well as executive coaching programs in Australia, the US, Middle East and the Asia Pacific. These programs help senior executives discover their leadership stye and provides them with clarity around their impact on others; along with skills to think strategically and lead hyper-change. 

Yvonne supports global leaders through the Outthinker Process for strategic advantage, and is on faculty with the Melbourne Business School. She has also helped Asia Pacific business leaders in executing Harvard’s Blue Ocean Strategy from its Regional Centre in UCSI Kuala Lumpur and Australia as a hyper-drive coach. She was awarded BlessingWhite Asia Pacific’s 2009 Consummate Facilitator and Client Development Award for her work with multinational clients in the region. As one of 267 women **CSPs in the world, Yvonne has presented alongside Edward de Bono, Howard Gardner, Tony Buzan, David Perkins, Glenn Capelli, Colin James, Michael Hall and Michelle Duval (founders of the Meta-Coach system). 

*Sum, Y. (2013) Intentional Parenting: How to get results for both you and your kids. Random House Australia, Sydney.

Thammaneewong, R. & Sum, Y.(2014). The urgent case for a global mind-set. Emerging Trends in Leadership & Strategy Vol. 1, 6, 186-221. 

Sum, Y. (2010). Tribal insights of sales leaders. Emerging Trends in Professional Selling Vol. 1, 10, 247-272. Trend Business Publishing. 

Sum, Y. (2010). Learning partnerships with children, Inspired Children, 10, 199-213. University of Sydney Press. 

**Certified Speaking Professional


Business Experience:

Yvonne currently spearheads a team with cultural diversity, breadth of capability and depth of experience to support accelerated leadership development at all levels with a specific focus on high performing teams achieving exceptional results under extraordinary circumstances. We achieve this through a democratised strategic framework, agile leadership skills under accelerated change, and bite-sized learning tools for measurable engagement and behaviour change. We have worked on similar projects recently in the Middle East, through their subsidiaries with global reach and also programs in Asia Pacific, Oceania, Europe Africa and the USA across diverse industries: aviation, luxury retail, consumer healthcare, FMCG, manufacturing, professional & financial services, IT, government.

Through her own transformational experience drawing insights from various tribes: as a dentist, RAAF officer, executive coach, leadership facilitator & speaker, media expert on national lifestyle television, author, business partner, wife and mother of two, Yvonne has honed her gift of helping others clarify useful behavioural frameworks across various contexts so that we may choose to easily deploy them in our daily lives. She consistently provokes senior business leaders to ‘lose their minds and come to their senses’ by integrating their leadership lessons at home successfully back into the work tribe. 

Yvonne is now Co-Director of 5Echo, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 5Echo operates globally delivering sustainable development through leadership development, coaching, facilitation and training. 

Client Experience:

Yvonne’s depth of international experience and breadth of clientele spans globally across Australia to the USA , Middle East, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific. She works with key clients within a diverse range of industries but not limited to, aviation, luxury brands, IT, financial & professional services, pharmaceuticals & healthcare: including Allens Arthur Robinson, A H Beard, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Australia Post, Becton Dickinson & Co, Chanel, Credit Union of Australia, Crown Castle International, Doha (Hamad) International Airport, Equigroup, Freehills, Estee Lauder, GHD, Intel, Jemena, Johnson & Johnson, Kantar Health, Kimberly Clark, Kian Manufacturing Group, LandCare Australia, LightSpeed Research, Louis Vuitton- Moet Hennessy, Malaysian & Qatar Government, Merck Sharpe & Dohme, Microsoft, Nestle, Pfizer, Phillips, Qatar Airways, SAP, Solar Turbines Australia, Starlight Foundation, UCSI-Blue Ocean Strategy Regional Centre, Unilever, University of Sydney, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Thomas & Coffey, Vodafone Australia and Westpac.

Leadership Facilitation

Enthusiastic | Interactive | Entertaining | Informative | Creative | Colorful | Relevant | Comprehensive | Passionate | Approachable | Enjoyable | Genuine

Dr. Sum’s disciplined intellect and skilled flexibility delivers impressive presentations focusing on effective leadership to excite exceptional performance in organizations and communities.

Transformational Coaching

Extraordinary | Insightful | Practical | Authentic | Professional | Motivational | Compassionate | Methodical | Fun | Challenging | Connecting | Useful | Intriguing

That is how clients describe the highly effective and impactful leadership coaching conversations with Dr. Yvonne Sum.

Keynote Speaking

Inspiring | Energetic | Engaging | Exceptional | Memorable | Captivating | Amazing | Knowledgeable | Refreshing | Incisive | Unconventional | “Wow”

Dr. Yvonne Sum has consistently wowed diverse audiences in Australia, Asia Pacific and the USA since 1989 with her refreshing shift from traditional insights.

Training Qualifications and Accreditations:

Yvonne is internationally certified in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) & Neuro- Semantic (NS) Trainer through the Global NLP Trainers Alliance and is accredited in: Cert IV WAT, DiSC, Educational Kinesiology, EQi-360, Firo-B, Hogan, Influencing Across the Matrix, Leading Technical Professionals, LSI, Managing Personal Growth, MBTI I & II, Meta-Coaching, MLQ and Goffee & Jones’ Why Should Anyone Be Led by You? (London Business School)

University of Sydney Australia
Bachelor of Dental Surgery Honours Class 1 1986 (Dux/Valedictorian)

Institute of Psychiatry Rozelle NSW
Australian Society of Hypnosis 1990
Diploma in Hypnosis for medical and dental practice, psychiatry and clinical psychology.

Psychology Instruments Accreditation Global
MPG Accreditation- BlessingWhite 2004
LSI Certification- Human Synergistics 2006

MBTI Steps I & II Accreditation- Australian Psychologists Press 2007

LTP Accreditation- BlessingWhite 2007
Firo-B Accreditation- Australian Psychologists Press 2007 ‘Why Should Anyone Be
Led By You?’ Accreditation-
BlessingWhite 2009
MLQ & ODQ Accreditation-Deakin University 2009
Blue Ocean Strategy Affiliate-BOS-UCSI 2009
EQi-2.0 CPP Asia Pacific 2014
Hogan Mentis 2014

Inform Training & Research Sydney
The Trainer Track - Presenters, Trainers & Facilitators Levels

Certification in Generative Learning technology 1995 NLP Certification - Practitioners and Masters Levels 1998

NLP Trainer Certification - Global Trainers Alliance 2001 EK Certification- Level 1 Educational Kinesiology 2003

DiSC Accreditation- 2003
NLP Coaching Wisdom- Certification in Coaching & Facilitation 2003 Certificate IV- Certification in Workplace Assessment & Training 2003

Institute of Neuro-Semantics Sydney
Meta Coach certification - Certification in Meta-Coaching 2005

Group & Team Coach certification -Certification in Meta-Coaching 2006 Institute for Strategic Leadership Queenstown NZ

Strategic Leadership Program - March 2007

Media Skills Sydney
TV Interviews Course 1999

Stephanie Burns Sydney
Training to Train Certificate 1990

Diploma of Telecommunications Intelligence, 1997.
Certificate in Telecommunications Signals Analysis, 1996.
Certificate in Training, 1996.
A wide range of professional certifications and associations in subject areas.

Personal Philosophy:

Dr Yvonne Sum transforms leaders on-the-go. Her gift is to develop executives on mission critical objectives without taking them out of the business. She lives with them, builds on what they know, and when they have achieved their mission impossible, they say “We have done it ourselves”. Leadership is transformed through intent and relationship - not position.

Yvonne is founding Executive Director of 5Echo, is herself a role model of transformation under crisis.

Born in Australia and grew up in Malaysia, she received her tertiary education and started to raise her family back in Australia. She was recently head hunted to a 2- year assignment in the Qatar after leading a successful global leadership development business from Sydney.

Dr Sum has worked for many years with decision makers across the globe to help them improve their organisational performance. She has seen organisations from the West enter the emerging markets of the East. She has seen some achieve great success – and have seen others perform below expectations. She navigates the home truths of leadership lessons gleaned that translates into our global businesses. She challenges high achieving family enterprises to embrace learning partnerships to transform the leadership that will take these heritage organisations to endure into a co-created thriving global future.

Other Interests:

Intentional Parenting- How to get Results for Both You and Your Kids is her first solo book released in Feb 2013, and she has contributed on what she terms Tribal Insights on Leadership - The Power of Learning Partnerships in two other books: Emerging Trends in Professional Selling Vol 1, & Inspired Children - How Leading Minds Raise Their Children. She recently co-authored The Urgent Need for a Global Mindset in Emerging Trends in Leadership & Strategy to be released Nov 2014.

Dr Sum believes that parents are leaders, and leaders are parents. Contextual intelligence of shifting leadership insights from one to the other is key.

Dr Yvonne Sum transforms the leader in you. You will find her powerfully intentional & inspirational.

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