Dr Yvonne Sum CSP

Executive Director

Dr Yvonne Sum CSP, ACMC, NLPTT, BDS (Hons) transforms leaders on-the-go. Her gift is to develop executives on mission critical objectives in hyper-changing environments. Dr Sum is a published international author on leadership across home and work tribes.

Yvonne is an Australian certified growth strategist who has worked for 20 years globally with Directors, CEO’s and Senior Management facilitating a range of leadership programmes in Australia, the US, Middle East and the Asia Pacific. 

Yvonne supports global leaders through the Outthinker Process for strategic advantage as their hyper-drive coach, and as a faculty member of the Melbourne Business School. She was awarded BlessingWhite Asia Pacific’s 2009 Consummate Facilitator and Client Development Award for her work with multinational clients in the region. As one of 267 women Certified Speaking Professionals (CSP) in the world, Yvonne has presented alongside Edward de Bono, Howard Gardner, Tony Buzan, David Perkins, Glenn Capelli, Colin James, Michael Hall and Michelle Duval (founders of the Meta-Coach system). 



Mark Dickson

Executive Director

Mark Dickson commenced his career in people development and consulting in 1995 specialising in problem identification, coaching, facilitation and general management in some of the world’s leading organisations within the Energy, Professional
Services, Finance, Aviation and Oil & Gas industries.

Mark has lived and worked in a wide range of countries including Australia, Germany, Thailand, Qatar and Malaysia. He also has experience on long term projects in Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and the United States of America. This has combined to provide Mark with an understanding of diverse people and cultures, as well as how to engage people in changes to support major projects.

Of note; Mark’s major interests include developing leadership skills through modeling, mentoring, coaching and the use of technical development tools to provide an understanding of the inner person. He uses Hogan Assessments as a preference over other instruments, although Mark has a wide range of experience with other analytical tools.



Joshua Voon

Consulting Partner

Joshua’s expertise addresses, and guarantees, the cultivation of peak-performance-proficiencies within corporate ecosystems. With mastery-based approaches to human transformation, Joshua’s array of competencies is expressed via a strategic blend of consulting, coaching, training and facilitation.

Joshua has more than two decades of deep-depth panoramic experiences that span a spectrum of challenges. He operates with the wisdom of neurons that inspire organisational leadership to transcend the vicissitudes of an exponentially volatile marketspace...to win, against all odds!

His work connects him with managers and executives of businesses from around the region. He taps on his acquired wealth of knowledge and experience to provide clients with strategic prescriptions for purposeful and effective performance. Joshua has collaborated and worked with a diverse pool of talents and thought leaders that focus on helping leaders and organisations become a force for good, in their unending quest to create a better world through the process of learning, collaboration and execution - today and for future generations.



Angus McLeod

Consulting Partner

Angus McLeod commenced his career in people development and consulting in 1998 specialising in coaching. This followed training and practice in counseling and NLP. He started out coaching at CEO and Board level with diverse organisations including PPP Healthcare plc and Telewest plc. He also invented and then co-developed an e-mentoring product, ‘Ask Max’ which first went into use with Sainsburys Supermarkets plc. Larger contract work with middle and senior managements at that period included a 6 years roll-out of programs with BAe including coaching for Group Directors and Major Project Leaders at MBDA, coaching development training for Euro-HR Managers and management development training of middle-management at MBDA also. Another major contract in the health sector was a Coaching Culture roll-out at King’s College NHS Foundation Trust Hospital Group.

He has coached, consulted and trained in world-leading organisations including Crown Agents (international NGO), Glencore-Xstrata (mining), Land Group plc (property) as well as UK Central Government and many others sectors.