Mark Dickson

Mark Dickson has a firm belief: an organization’s products, systems and processes are of limited value without good people to use and manage them. Engaging people in mission critical initiatives in VUCA, as well as assessing and developing the skills of management and staff to support major changes have been proven as key success factors.

Mark is an Australian growth strategist who commenced his career in people development and consulting in 1995 specializing in problem identification, coaching, facilitation and general management in some of the world’s leading organizations within the Energy, Professional Services, Finance, Aviation and Oil & Gas industries.

Mark has lived and worked in a wide range of countries including Australia, Germany, Thailand, Qatar and Malaysia, including experience on projects in Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and the United States of America. This has combined to provide Mark with an understanding of diverse people and cultures, as well as how to engage people in changes to support major projects through shifting their contextual intelligence in hyper-change.

Senior roles held by Mark include HR Director for a Professional Services Organisation, Director positions for several major Corporates, and founder Executive Director of several HR resource firms.

Mark has trained more than 750 coaches world wide and has over 10,000 hours of coaching experience.